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Indiana University

Storyteller's Summit

IU and the Hero's Journey

A virtual event | July 20–21, 2021

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About the summit

Where storytelling meets strategy

Hosted by IU Studios, the Storyteller's Summit is a virtual event designed for any marketer or communicator at IU who's tasked with blending strategy and story to drive results. Registration is $10.

Over the course of two days, you'll learn how to leverage IU's new brand strategy and explore what it means to take a hero-based approach to storytelling. You’ll also discover why data-driven storytelling is one of the fastest paths to connecting with audiences and building relationships that last.

Breakout sessions
Discover trends, techniques, and practices that can be adopted by teams of any size.
Brand strategy
Learn how to supercharge your MarComm efforts with IU’s new brand and positioning strategy.
Arrive ready to learn, leave feeling inspired and ready to take action.

Focus areas

Three critical growth areas, each tied together by story

Digital marketing

Choose the right story, bring it to life, build a campaign, and learn along the way.

Insights development

Collect data, search for insights, understand your hero, and connect with emotion.

User journeys

Leverage insights, meet your hero’s needs, and create an experience that makes a difference.

Meet your keynote

Photo of Jonah Sachs

Jonah Sachs

Stories have the power to create real change. Nobody knows that better than Jonah Sachs.

Author of Winning the Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell—and Live—the Best Stories Will Rule the Future, and co-founder of Free Range, an innovation studio that uses the principles of creative storytelling to drive lasting impact for the likes of Microsoft, Patagonia, and the ACLU, Jonah has helped create some of the world's first, and still-most heralded, digital social change campaigns.

His film on Amnesty International's blood diamonds has been viewed 20 million times. It was delivered to every member of congress and helped drive the passage of the Clean Diamond Act. He later helped create "The Story of Stuff," which has been viewed by over 60 million people, and marked a turning point in the fight to educate the public about the devastating impact of consumer goods.

In his keynote, Jonah will reveal why storytelling is the foundation of every successful marketing and change initiative, and how it can be put to work at Indiana University. He'll also show us what it takes to tell stories that drive real results.

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